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To keep your pond filter or waterfalls working properly, you are going to need a good and reliable pump. If you have Goldfish, pond fish or Koi, you will benefit from purchasing a solids-handling pump to pump the pond water through your filter. Betta Choice Uni Pumps are professional solids-handling pumps for use in filtration systems and waterfalls.

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The pump is easy to maintain suitable for continuous operation all year round.

These larger Betta Choice Uni Pumps have been engineered with the most advanced technical solutions and best materials. This includes having an electronic control device which analyses the working conditions.

It has been built with an energy saving motor, which is equipped with an electronic thermal protection device. This device protects the pump from overheating caused by misuse, dry running, or a blockage. The powerful mono-directional rotor, with the special orientated impeller and the strong water output gives the pump exceptional performance with remarkably low energy consumption. The special impeller and rotor can handle solids up to 8mm. The pump can be used situated in or out of the water.

This pump also has two outlet positions, the water output can be rotated by 90 degrees, upper and lateral for more versatility from the pump.

For maintenance and cleaning, the pump has removable inlet grills, and it has easy access to the impeller. It is provided with 2x 1” male threaded stepped hose connectors for use with 25mm and 32mm flexible pipe.

• Maximum delivery 8000 litres per hour.
• Max delivery head 4.50m.
• Solids handling capability 8mm.
• Running power 86w.
• Cable length 10m.
• Hose connectors: 25 & 32mm.
• Dimensions: 29 x 15 x 20cm h.
• Can be used in or out of the water.
• Recommended for ponds or water features up to 16000 litres.
• 3-year manufacturers guarantee.

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