Betta Choice Natural Highland Gravel 15kg

Betta Choice Natural Highland Gravel is a high-quality, resin coated, decorative substrate suitable for tropical, marine and coldwater aquariums, along with terrariums, vivariums, ponds, and water features. This gravel is inert and will not raise the pH in the water. Rinse before use. Betta Choice Aquarium Substrates and Gravels are available in 5kg and 15kg bags.


• Resin coated, non-toxic and colourfast.
• Gravels and sands are chosen from selected silicate aggregates known for their inert properties.
• Sold in 5kg & 15kg bags.
• Particle sizes: 2-4mm.
• Colours: mixed.
• Colour and size variations may occur due to the geological and processing variables.

• Tropical and cold-water aquariums,
• Terrariums and vivariums,
• Ponds,
• Water features,
• Potted Plants,
• Vases,
• Crafts & Hobbies,

Coverage (approx.):
A 15kg bag is sufficient for an area 60cm x 60cm x 2.5cm deep.
• 60 x 60cm aquarium – 1 bag required.
• 80 x 40cm aquarium – 1 bag required.
• 100 x 40cm aquarium – 2 bags required.
• 120 x 60cm aquarium – 2 bags required.
• 150 x 60cm aquarium – 3 bags required.


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