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Catappa leaves come from the Sea Almond tree. They have many uses in the aquarium including reducing pH, disease prevention, aquarium decoration and enhancing the colours of fish and shrimps. Catappa leaves are also an excellent dietary supplement for catfish, shrimps and lobsters.

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Catappa leaves (also known as Ketapang, Almond, Terminalia or sea almond tree leaves) are derived from the sea almond tree. The ripe leaves are harvested, washed and dried directly from the tree, after which they are sorted by hand.
Catappa leaves – provide numerous natural properties;
• Reduce the pH.
• Have an antibacterial effect (leaves release a bacteria-resistant substance for 3 to 4 weeks).
• Give the aquarium a natural look.
• Rich in flavonoids, humic acids and tannins that are gradually released into the water and have a positive effect on the water and the inhabitants of aquariums.
They also enhance the colours of fish and shrimp, reduce stress, and prevent diseases in the aquarium.
Shrimp and lobsters also like the catappa leaves very much, and the leaves are an excellent dietary supplement.
The use of Catappa reduces the chance of fish eggs becoming moldy.
Shrimp, catfish (eg Ancistrus species and L numbers) and snails also appreciate the leaves as a valuable dietary supplement.
The leaves are ideal for creating a natural environment in a newly started aquarium.
They are also a good supplement when you go on holiday, with a Catappa leaf in your aquarium you can be sure that your shrimp and catfish have enough to eat during your holiday.
Our Catappa leaves are of a high quality and 100% safe for use in your aquarium.
• Use 1-2 leaves per 200L, replace when dissolved/decayed or eaten.

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