Essential products available for all types of pond


Ponds can enhance the aesthetic appeal of just about any garden or outdoor area, but keeping them in tiptop condition involves a bit of effort and the right equipment. By taking care of your pond in the right way, it's much easier to improve their overall look – by adding beautiful new plants and other little touches that look great and do an important job in the aquatic habitat, but without costing the earth.


Watermarque can help you care for your pond, and to augment it as you please, with a focus upon ensuring that all your fish are provided with a healthy environment where they can flourish, breed and basically feel well.


Caring for garden ponds, lined ponds, ponds with waterfalls…

Our Pond category of products includes everything you need to maintain your pond. Choose from a diverse assortment of pond products all sourced from leading suppliers products that can help in the maintenance of:

Circular garden ponds

Ponds with waterfalls

Lined ponds

Rectangular ponds

Manor ponds (with stone surrounds)

Unconventional ponds (for those who prefer things a bit quirky)

And other types of ponds and outdoor water features and dedicated areas


Have you given your pond a health-check lately?

No matter what type of pond you have or are planning to have built at your home, hotel, care home facility, or other type of premises where you want to enhance the outdoor area you need two things: 1) the right advise, and 2) the necessary equipment .


We make pond cleaning easy

From time to time, your pond will need cleaning out, to remove all the muck and other undesirables that have built up over time. We can provide you with all the necessary gear you need for pond maintenance, from the largest pieces of equipment to the smallest accessory. We also always have our finger on the pulse of new developments in the pond-care industry, meaning that we can supply you with leading edge products that can basically make caring for your pond quicker and easier – so that you can spend more time enjoying your pond, and far less time maintaining it.


What to do now

Enjoy browsing our diverse selection of pond-related goods, and then grab all the pond products and publications that you need. You can accelerate the buying process if you create an account with us. If in doubt, simply give us a shout. Tel 01278 661900, or use our Help & Contact link.


Note: For higher priced goods,0% finance is available, helping you to spread the cost (terms & conditions apply).

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  1. 1 1/2" PVC Pipe (6m length)
  2. 1 1/4" PVC Pipe (6m length)
  3. 1" PVC Pipe (6m length)
  4. 1/2" PVC Pipe (6m length)
  5. 19mm Brass Gate Valve
  6. 2" PVC Pipe (6m length)
  7. 20mm 45 Degree Elbow (Solvent Weld)
  8. 20mm 90 Degree Elbow (Solvent Weld)
  9. 20mm 90 Degree Tee (Solvent Weld)
  10. 20mm Ball Valve (Solvent Weld)
  11. 20mm End Cap (Solvent Weld)
  12. 20mm Pipe Clamp (Solvent Weld)
  13. 20mm PVC Pipe (5m Length)
  14. 20mm Straight Socket (Solvent Weld)
  15. 20mm Tank Connector (Solvent Weld)
  16. 20mm Union Coupler (Solvent Weld)
  17. 25 to 20mm Reducing Bush (Solvent Weld)
  18. 25mm 45 Degree Elbow (Solvent Weld)
  19. 25mm 90 Degree Elbow (Solvent Weld)
  20. 25mm 90 Degree Tee (Solvent Weld)

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