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Lights, Lamps & Light Units

  1. Arcadia Metal Halide Lamp - Single Ended - 14000K 400W
  2. Betta LED Light Unit with White & Blue LEDs 90cm
  3. Betta Metal Halide Lamp - Double Ended 14000K 250W
  4. Betta Metal Halide Lamp - Double Ended 20000K 150W
  5. Betta Metal Halide Lamp - Double Ended 20000K 250W
  6. Eheim Adapter Set T5/T8 for PowerLED Lights
  7. Eheim PowerLED Connector for Additional Lights
  8. Eheim PowerLED Daylight 16w
  9. Eheim PowerLED Hybrid 11w
  10. Eheim PowerLED Hybrid 16w
  11. Eheim PowerLED Hybrid 20w
  12. Eheim PowerLED Hybrid 24w
  13. Eheim PowerLED Hybrid 43w
  14. Eheim PowerLED Mounting Brackets
  15. Eheim PowerLED Supply Upto 20w
  16. Eheim PowerLED Suspension Wires
  17. Juwel Helialux Spectrum LED 1500mm 60w
  18. Juwel Multilux LED Light Unit 92cm
  19. Sammoon R65 SW16K LED Light Unit - Black (Body 16")