Lighting & UV Sterilisers

New to aquariums or having an algae/bacteria problem with your aquatic tank? Let Watermarque help you on your aquatic journey to ensure you are getting the best out of your underwater paradise.

UV Sterilisers are a type of filter, used in both Tropical and Coldwater aquariums to help eradicate unwelcome algae, bacteria and parasites. The way in which UV Sterilisers work is quite straight forward. Basically, the UV light disturbs the cellular structure of the living algae, bacteria or parasite which effectively prevents them from reproducing.

Watermarque has a variety of UV Sterilisers on offer to help keep your tank as healthy as possible. But it is crucial when choosing a UV steriliser that you consider your tank flow rate and your aquarium size, otherwise the available surface area will not be big enough to kill off the unwanted parasites, bacteria and algae.

Long and short of it all is that – the UV light kills off any unwelcome algae, bacteria or parasites in your underwater haven. Keeping it pleasingly clean and clear maximising the pleasure of owning fish. Explore our variety of UV lighting and Sterilisers to optimise your aquarium.

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  1. Arcadia Metal Halide Lamp - Single Ended - 14000K 400W
  2. Betta LED Light Unit with White & Blue LEDs 90cm
  3. Betta Metal Halide Lamp - Double Ended 14000K 250W
  4. Betta Metal Halide Lamp - Double Ended 20000K 150W
  5. Betta Metal Halide Lamp - Double Ended 20000K 250W
  6. Eheim PowerLED Actinic Blue 16w
  7. Eheim PowerLED Actinic Blue 20w
  8. Eheim PowerLED Actinic Blue 24w
  9. Eheim PowerLED Actinic Blue 30w
  10. Eheim PowerLED Actinic Blue 43w
  11. Eheim PowerLED Ceiling Suspension Wire Kit
  12. Eheim PowerLED Connector for Additional Lights
  13. Eheim PowerLED Daylight 16w (487-667mm)
  14. Eheim PowerLED Hybrid 11w
  15. Eheim PowerLED Hybrid 20w
  16. Eheim PowerLED Marine Actinic 8.6w (360-540mm)
  17. Eheim PowerLED Marine Hybrid 14.8w (487-667mm)
  18. Eheim PowerLED Marine Hybrid 24.6w (771-951mm)
  19. Eheim PowerLED Marine Hybrid 44.3w (1349-1529mm)
  20. Eheim PowerLED Mounting Brackets x2

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