Whilst all tanks have a level of biological filtration to some degree, it Is important to consider the use of filtration systems in your tank to keep things functioning as they should to provide a heathy environment for your fish. Filtration works by removing particles from a tanks water column by drawing the water through a filter, and is an important step in tank maintenance.

Have you noticed that your aquarium ornaments are looking a little dusty and dirty, even though you have scrubbed them vigorously? That is a sign you need the help of filtration! Cloudy water is unappealing and creates poor visibility for your fish. It is also a tell-tale sign of a tank that needs some filtration.

Watermarque have an extensive range of filtration products from accredited manufacturers to help you keep on top of your aquarium maintenance, including helpful filter spares to replace your old and dirty filters.

Choose from a variety of filters, including filter pumps and powerheads and under gravel filters and find the perfect option to make your aquarium water gleam and to keep your fish healthy and happy.

Discover our full range of filtration below, or pop to the Watermarque superstores located in Somerset. Looking for further advice on tank maintenance? Contact our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help. You can also email us at, or call us on 01278 661900. Regarding any queries or questions you may have.

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  1. Arcadia Poly-Filter Standard
  2. Bubble Magus 4" 150 Micron Sump Filter Bag/Sock
  3. Bubble Magus 4" Sump Filter Bag Holding Bracket
  4. Bubble Magus 7" 100 Micron Filter Bag
  5. Bubble Magus 7" 150 Micron Sump Filter Bag/Sock
  6. Bubble Magus 7" Sump Filter Bag Holding Bracket
  7. Bubble Magus C1 Wave Pump Controller
  8. Bubble Magus Float Valve
  9. Bubble Magus W20 6000LPH Wave Pump Set
  10. Bubble Magus W20 Wave Pump Impeller
  11. Eco Systems (Freshwater) Miracle Mud 5lb
  12. Eco Systems Marine Miracle Mud 3lb
  13. Eco Systems Marine Miracle Mud 5lb
  14. Eheim Universal 2400 (1260) Aquarium Water Pump
  15. Eheim Universal 3400 (1262) Aquarium Water Pump
  16. Eheim Universal 600 (1048) Aquarium Water Pump
  17. Fluval FX6 High Performance External Filter
  18. Ista Black Egg Crate 35 x 35cm
  19. Supa Under-Gravel Aquarium Filter 11" x 17"
  20. Supa Under-Gravel Aquarium Filter 11" x 23"

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