Aquariums & Cabinets

Whether your passion is Tropical fish or Coldwater fish you will need an aquarium to bring your passion to life – and Watermarque has an incredible range of aquariums for fish lovers everywhere.

Aquariums are an essential part of your aquatic journey, after all they are the place your fish will live, hopefully very happily for many years to come. Here at Watermarque we have worked hard to source a comprehensive selection of aquariums to suit a wide range of tastes and needs. Whether you are a beginner or a fish specialist, we have the perfect aquarium to suit you and your needs.  Watermarque aquarium collection offers you a range of aquariums from starter kits, aquarium tanks right through to aquariums and cabinets.

If it is a Tropical aquarium or a Coldwater aquarium you are looking for, be assured that here at Watemarque all of our aquariums come fitted with the required equipment, systems and technology to ensure your treasured fish are living in the most optimal environment possible, but never compromising on safety. At Watermarque we only stock from accredited manufacturers, guaranteeing you get the highest quality products.

Browse our complete collection of aquariums and cabinets from recognisable and trusted brands - including Juwel, Eheim, Betta and Ciano. From contemporary and stylish aquariums to more traditional styles, Watermarque has a wide range in stock to help you create your aquatic paradise.

We have your picture-perfect aquarium waiting to fit harmoniously and effortlessly with in your home. Browse our wide selection of Coldwater and Tropical aquariums to complete your aquatic purchases.

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  1. Clearseal Deluxe Reefspace Aquarium 90cm 270L
  2. Clearseal Standard Reefspace Aquarium 90cm 225L
  3. Gloss Graphite 90cm Reefspace Cabinet & Sump
  4. Gloss White 90cm Reefspace Cabinet & Sump
  5. Juwel Rio 400/450 SBX Cabinet - Black
  6. Juwel Rio 400/450 SBX Cabinet - Dark Wood
  7. Juwel Rio 400/450 SBX Cabinet - Light Wood
  8. Juwel Rio 400/450 SBX Cabinet - White
  9. Juwel Rio 450 LED Aquarium - Black
  10. Juwel Rio 450 LED Aquarium - Dark Wood
  11. Juwel Rio 450 LED Aquarium - Light Wood
  12. Juwel Rio 450 LED Aquarium - White
  13. Juwel Trigon 190 LED Aquarium - Light Wood
  14. Juwel Trigon 190 SBX Cabinet - Light Wood
  15. Juwel Trigon 350 LED Aquarium - Light Wood
  16. Juwel Vision 180 LED Aquarium - Light Wood
  17. Juwel Vision 180 SBX Cabinet - Light Wood
  18. Juwel Vision 260 LED Aquarium - Light Wood
  19. Juwel Vision 260 SBX Cabinet - Light Wood
  20. Juwel Vision 450 LED Aquarium - Black

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