Aquarium Accessories

Your aquarium should never become a chore, it is something to treasure and enjoy every day. Watermarque are experts in aquariums and are delighted to offer a wide variety of accessories for both Tropical and Coldwater aquariums.

Watermarque’s aquarium accessories section has been carefully put together to help you get the most out of your underwater haven. We offer a range of breeding equipment – allowing you to breed your fish as effectively as possible. We also sell substrates and rock décor – offering the real life aquatic experience for you and your beloved fish.

We all know aquarium maintenance is key when trying to keep your tank and fish as happy and healthy as possible and with this, it of course requires regular cleaning.  Watermarque have a variety of different cleaning products and tools to make this job as easy and quick as possible. We have everything from gravel cleaners and glass scrapers to algae magnets and nets & dividers. Showcasing products from some of the market leading brands such as: Betta, Eheim, Tetratec and more.

It is suggested, that in order to keep your aquarium as optimised as possible you should thoroughly clean your tank once every two weeks, including a partial water change and algae scrape.

However, none of this needs to be an un-pleasurable experience! That is why here at Watermarque we have dedicated this aquarium accessory section to making your aquatic experience as pleasant and as easy as possible, so you get the utmost level of pleasure out of your underwater paradise.

Explore our aquarium accessories now and discover products to suit you and your aquarium.

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  1. Betta Gravel Cleaner Large
  2. Betta Gravel Cleaner Medium
  3. Betta Gravel Cleaner Small
  4. Bubble Magus 8" Coral Viewer
  5. Bubble Magus Replacement S/Steel Scraper Blade
  6. Eheim Cleaning Brush 100cm For Hose 12/16mm
  7. Eheim Gravel Cleaner Set
  8. Eheim Rapid Cleaner - 90 Cleaning Pad Attachment
  9. Eheim Rapid Cleaner - Algae Brush Attachment
  10. Eheim Rapid Cleaner - Cleaning Pad Attachment
  11. Eheim Rapid Cleaner - Glass Scraper & 48cm handle
  12. Eheim Rapid Cleaner - Replacement Blade attachment
  13. Extra Small Black Coral Reef Set inc 2 plugs
  14. Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner Large
  15. Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner Medium
  16. Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner Mini
  17. Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner Small
  18. Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner Xlarge
  19. Ista Ceramic Coral Frag Plug x 10
  20. Ista White Egg Crate 35 x 35cm

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