Air Pumps

Discover the right air pumps for your aquarium to ensure the healthiest of living environments for your treasured fish and beloved plantation. 

Air pumps are not necessarily essential, although can make the difference between a normal aquarium and a super healthy one! Most Coldwater and Tropical aquariums need a little help when it comes to adding air or oxygen to the aquarium, however, with the help of an air pump from Watermarque, your aquarium can encourage proper gas exchange and in-turn offer improved oxygenation of the water in your tank.

This is achieved by the bubbles your air pump will create, generating more surface movement. The more surface movement, the more interaction the water has with the air and therefore permitting more oxygen into the water – keeping your tank healthy and your fish happy for longer.

At Watermarque we pride ourselves on offering expert advice and this is why we recommend an air pump to all of our customers. Whether you are just starting out on your aquatic journey or if you are an specialist looking for ways to improve the health of your tank – Watermarque recommend an air pump to do this for all  aquariums; Tropical or Coldwater.

Browse air pumps from brands you know and trust. At Watermarque, we only stock from credited manufacturers, ensuring you get the highest quality products. Choose from Betta, Eheim and Tetratec and feel content knowing your money is being well spent.

Discover the pleasure of fish keeping by choosing the right air pump that aids the health of your perfect underwater world.

  1. Betta AP-2000 Air Pump
  2. Betta AP-3500 Air Pump
  3. Betta AP-4500 Air Pump
  4. Betta AP-7500 Air Pump
  5. Betta Silicone Airline Tubing 3m
  6. Betta Silicone Airline Tubing 6m
  7. Bubble Magus DSP1000 Pump
  8. Bubble Magus DSP2000 Pump
  9. Bubble Magus DSP4000 Pump
  10. Eheim Air Pump 100
  11. Eheim Air Pump 200
  12. Eheim Air Pump 400
  13. Interpet Nano Aquamini Air Pump
  14. Piccolo Wooden Diffuser
  15. Sander Wooden Diffuser
  16. Tetratec APS100 Air Pump
  17. Tetratec APS150 Air Pump
  18. Tetratec APS300 Air Pump
  19. Tetratec APS400 Air Pump
  20. Tetratec APS50 Air Pump