A wonderfully wide range of aquatic products

Stocking up on marine food for your fish needn't cost you an arm and a leg. By purchasing marine food and other products from leading brands through the Watermarque webstore, you can get all the items you need at competitive prices. And it's not just food and auto feeders you can find here at the Watermarque webstore or in store. Choose from a fascinatingly varied selection of high quality aquarium products that are as innovative as they're well made.


Marine products from brand leaders

In the beginning, learning all about marine environments, and discovering the many aquatic and consumable products, can be a little overwhelming. If you're a novice, buy a big tank at first and then keep it simple. We can advise on the basic things you'll need to set up, and then you can gradually add to your marine environment over time.


Affordably priced marine products

Whether you're seeking marine items for your indoor aquarium or planted aquarium at home, or for your garden pond, now that you've found Watermarque, it really is a case of 'look no further'. Quickly, easily and at prices we think you'll like, we can supply you with absolutely everything you need to maintain a balanced marine environment for your fish, ensuring they stay well and all potential risks to them are lowered to the max.


FREE next day delivery (when you spend over £50)

At Watermarque, we believe that everyone should be allowed to enjoy the wonderful world of tropical fish. That's why we price all our marine products affordably. Note: For higher priced goods, 0% finance is available, helping you to spread the cost.


Ordering is easy and delivery is super-fast, especially if you create an account with us. Or why not come and see us and enjoy browsing the full range of Marine goods at one of our superstores here in Somerset?

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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  1. Arcadia Metal Halide Lamp - Single Ended - 14000K 400W
  2. Arcadia Poly-Filter Standard
  3. Betta AP-2000 Air Pump
  4. Betta AP-3500 Air Pump
  5. Betta AP-4500 Air Pump
  6. Betta AP-7500 Air Pump
  7. Betta Gravel Cleaner Large
  8. Betta Gravel Cleaner Medium
  9. Betta Gravel Cleaner Small
  10. Betta LED Light Unit with White & Blue LEDs 90cm
  11. Betta Metal Halide Lamp - Double Ended 14000K 250W
  12. Betta Metal Halide Lamp - Double Ended 20000K 150W
  13. Betta Metal Halide Lamp - Double Ended 20000K 250W
  14. Betta Nano Skimmer No UV - New Style / Left Side
  15. Betta Optical Refractometer
  16. Betta pH Tester Pen
  17. Betta Silicone Airline Tubing 3m
  18. Betta Silicone Airline Tubing 6m
  19. Betta Tonic Salt 4kg Bulk
  20. Blagdon Complete Pond Dip Test Kit

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