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Fish Guarantee

We offer a 48-hour guarantee on our tropical and coldwater fish from the point of sale. To request a claim for the replacement fish, we ask that you notify us within this guarantee period.

Proof of deceased fish will be required. (Photos will be accepted). Water samples must not contain dead fish, otherwise the sample will be inconclusive and replacements cannot be given.

Before a claim can be considered, we require proof of purchase, such as the receipt and a sample of your tank water must meet
the specifications below:

  • pH – As required by the species of fish purchased
  • Ammonia – Equal to 0.00ppm
  • Nitrite – Equal to 0.00ppm
  • Nitrate – Equal or less than 40ppm

This guarantee does not apply to marine fish due to their delicate nature and exacting requirements. This does not affect your statutory rights.


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