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Nutritious and healthy food for cold water fish.

Now that you’ve got your coldwater aquarium all set up, it’s time to treat your fish to tasty and nutritious food from Watermarque’s range of cold water fish food. Available to buy at affordable prices, these products can help you keep your fish well-fed and content.

A wide range of food options to suit even the fussiest of fish One style doesn’t fit all, and we know that fish can turn their fins up at food they don’t like.

Browse our extensive collection of cold water fish food options including flakes, crisps, sticks and granules so you can find the perfect food for your fish. We also stock colour enhancing food to keep your fish’s colour vibrant.

All of the cold water food we stock is sourced from reliable brands that we trust. Choose from your favourite brands including Betta, Tetra, King British, Fish Science and NT Labs and feel comfortable knowing you can provide quality food for your fish.

Having the right food for you fish plays an important role in fish development. Encourage strong, happy and healthy fish by providing them with a nourishing diet. Some varieties of fish food can not only boost fish sustenance, they can also counteract nutritional imbalances, as well as to encourage spawning.

Ordering through Watermarque is a simple process, especially if you create an account with us.

Remember, if you’d like to browse all of our cold water fish food options in person you can visit our superstore located in Somerset.

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  1. Betta Choice Flake Coldwater 13g
  2. Betta Choice Flake Coldwater 200g
  3. Betta Choice Flake Coldwater 20g
  4. Betta Choice Flake Coldwater 50g
  5. Eheim Auto Feeder
  6. Eheim Feeding Station
  7. Eheim Twin Auto Feeder
  8. Fish Science Goldfish Bites 100g
  9. Fish Science Goldfish Flakes 100g
  10. Fish Science Goldfish Flakes 200g
  11. Fish Science Goldfish Flakes 20g
  12. Fish Science Goldfish Flakes 50g
  13. Fluval Goldfish Flakes 18g
  14. Fluval Goldfish Flakes 54g
  15. Fluval Goldfish Pellets 150g
  16. Fluval Goldfish Pellets 90g
  17. Juwel Smart Feeder
  18. King British Goldfish Flake 12g
  19. King British Goldfish Flake 200g
  20. King British Goldfish Flake 28g

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