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What's that? You've always dreamed of having your own tropical fish aquarium, but don't have a clue which fish to buy? Don't fret. Watermarque can point you in the right direction – straight to a book entitled, WHAT FISH? A Buyer's Guide to Tropical Fish, in fact. It's a fascinating read and just one of the many interesting and informative books, we have amongst our available collection right here at our webstore or at our Somerset-located aquatics superstores.


Riveting reads, full of essential advice and captivating photos

If you're new to keeping fish, or are seriously contemplating getting an aquarium – for yourself or as a fantastic gift for your children – it can be difficult to know where to start with it all, can't it? How on earth are you supposed to know what (and what not to buy)? Best to do a bit of homework before flashing the cash!


When it comes to recommended reading for all aquatics novices, you can't beat QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: THE TROPICAL AQUARIUM – a must-read that's well worth the money and jam-packed with hints and tips on how to set up and maintain an aquarium, to ensure that your tropical fish are kept in a healthy, clean environment where they can positively thrive.


The two books mentioned so far only really scratch the surface of what we have to offer. Other riveting reads include:

Back to Nature Guides

Pet Owner's Guides

Mini Encyclopaedias


Aquascaping guides

Pocket Expert Guides (on all things aquatics)


And many other accessibly written and informative publications – invaluable resources that are affordably priced 'manuals for life'. Ideal.

  1. A Pocket Expert Guide Reef Aquarium Fishes
  2. Back to Nature Guide to Catfishes
  3. Back to Nature Guide to Malawi Cichlids
  4. Back to Nature Guide to Nano Aquaria
  5. Dennerle Aquarium Plants Guide
  6. The Manual of Fish Health