How To Choose The Right Fish Food

Ensuring that you have the right food for your fish is extremely important. All types of fish need good food to help them grow and to keep them healthy, whilst certain breeds of fish have specific diet requirements that need to be met. At Watermarque, we have a wide range of fish food for tropical and cold water fish, but if you need some guidance on what type of food to choose then just keep on reading!


Tropical Fish

Tropical fish can eat a wide range of foods, although the most popular amongst tropical fish food varieties is flakes. Flaked food is ideal for small to medium sized tropical fish, and provides a stable and balanced diet. It is also a fantastic source of protein for your fish. We stock a large variety of flake foods from trusted manufacturers so you know your fish is getting the best food available.


Coldwater fish

Coldwater fish require fibre in their diet to help towards normal development. Fibre can come in many forms, the best food for coldwater fish being algae and plants. You can also feed your coldwater fish pellet food, which perfectly complements flake food.  Pellet food is also ideal for incorporating healthy levels of protein into their diet.


Pond fish

If you have pond fish then you will know that there is sufficient food within the environment to keep your fish happy. However, adding in extra forms of food can be beneficial to the natural food in the pond. For pond fish, floating foods are usually the most appropriate.


Now that you know more about the different types of fish food available, why not head on over to our website where you can stock up on all the essential food you need to keep your fish happy and healthy.