Our latest in store display set up is complete!

The set up has an oak cabinet with a Clear-Seal aquarium and this size set up is available to special order in store. It is complemented by having a high quality Back to Nature background.

The oak range from Clear-Seal offers a top quality English made base in oak or the paint finish of stone, topped off with a Clear-Seal aquarium. Three smaller standard sizes are also available: 60cm cube, 90cm & 120cm. Cabinet dimensions are: 60cm cabinet: length 68.5cm x height 75cm x width 64.2cm (overall height including hood 146cm) 90cm cabinet: length 98.5cm height 75cm x width 44.2cm (overall height including hood 136cm) 120cm cabinet: length 128.5cm x height 75cm x width 44.2cm (overall height including hood (136cm)




A Back to Nature background is a perfectly natural looking three-dimensional landscape. It is to be installed inside an aquarium or terrarium. It may cover the whole back glass, or parts of it, turning your tank into an exciting, natural environment.

Besides being “just” a beautiful decoration, Back to Nature has ample benefits: It makes the majority of animals feel safer, and far better oriented in the tank.

Another great advantage is that you are able to hide all the technical equipment behind the Back to Nature, thus keeping it out of sight. You may even build an enormous biological filter behind the Back to Nature, that runs effectively for many years with a minimum need of maintenance. Please ask in store for further details about this set up.