What Kind Of Aquarium Supplies You Need

When it comes to buying your new aquarium, it can be difficult to know what is essential for your tank. With Watermarque’s useful guide, you’ll soon be up to date on all the aquarium supplies you need!



Yes, you read that right. Decorations aren’t just for the aesthetic effect of your aquarium, but they can also help to make your fish feel more at home and safe in their environment. Ensure you have a mixture of aquarium decorations including ornaments that your fish can swim though and hide inside, and live or fake plants to create a familiar environment. Without decorations, your fish may find it hard to relax and may become stressed and feel vulnerable.



Filters are an important essential for your aquarium. They help to remove excess food before it can decay in the bottom of the tank, as well as dangerous chemicals and fish waste. It is natural for fish to produce waste constantly as they swim around their tank, and an aquarium filter can help to remove this before it becomes a problem. Without a filter, the waste could build up and produce high levels of poison, fatal to your fish.



Heaters are also an important piece of kit that shouldn’t be disregarded. Tropical fish are best kept in temperatures ranging from 25° to 27°C and having a reliable aquarium heater can ensure this temperature is kept constantly.


Gravel and sands

Whilst gravels and sands are fun to experiment with to create beautiful aquariums, they are also important to your fish. This aquarium flooring comes in many shapes and sizes so you can choose the ones best suited to your fish and their needs. If you intend on having live plants in your aquarium, then you may be better off choosing plant substrates that are rich in nutrients.


The Watermarque team has been helping customers all over the UK choose the right aquarium supplies they need for over 30 years. If you’ve recently bought a new aquarium or need to update your supplies, visit our website to browse our range of products or get in touch with one of our experts by calling us on 01278 661900. We’ll be more than happy to help you with any queries you may have about aquarium supplies.