The Importance Of Aquarium Ornaments


Whilst choosing decorative aquarium ornaments for your new tank can be a fun and exciting process, there is also a lot to bear in mind when choosing your ornaments. Watermarque are here to let you know about the importance of aquarium ornaments, and the role they play in fish health and happiness.


Why should I decorate my aquarium?

If you want to have a specially themed aquarium for aesthetic purposes then of course, stocking up on accessories and ornaments is an important step. A nicely decorated aquarium will help to make the overall appearance of your tank look healthier, brighter and full of life. Also, aquarium ornaments can help to hide unsightly plumbing and pipework, an added bonus.

However, decorating your aquarium isn’t all about visual appearance. By choosing a range of accessories, it will help your fish to feel more comfortable in their environment. Fish may feel exposed if they do not have anything to swim through and hide in, leaving them to feel stressed and anxious which may lead to health complications.


What ornaments should I choose?

The aquarium ornaments you should choose depends on the type of fish you keep. Whether you have tropical or cold water fish, you should try and choose ornaments that reflect on their natural habitat to make them feel most at home. For example, fish from small lakes prefer soft cover accessories such as plants, but this can also include more flexible ornaments. All fish like to be able to have a safe space, so make sure you give them plenty of hiding spots… caves are a perfect example!


What benefits will aquarium ornaments have on my fish?

Aquarium ornaments have so many benefits for your fish. For example, fish who are kept in a well-decorated tank are more likely to display their natural behaviours due to feeling confident and comfortable in their home. Also, their colouration will drastically improve, helping your tank to look bright and colourful.

You may be thinking… “surely my fish will go into hiding if I fill my tank with ornaments?”  Well, that’s simply not true! If fish feel as though they have somewhere to go when they need it, then they will feel more confident to come out of hiding and enjoy swimming around your aquarium.


Now you know the facts behind aquarium decoration, why not explore our range of aquarium ornaments? We have so many fun options to choose from including classical decor and themed figurines so you can find the perfect accessories to customise your aquarium.


Happy decorating!