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Planting Substrate

  1. Dennerle Deponitmix Professional 60 2.4kg
  2. Dennerle Nano Deponit Mix
  3. Dennerle Nutribasis 6 in 1 - 2.4kg
  4. Dennerle Plantahunter Gravel Baikal 10 -30mm 5kg
  5. Dennerle Plantahunter Gravel Baikal 3 - 8mm 5kg
  6. Dennerle Plantahunter Gravel Rio Xingu 2 -22mm 5kg
  7. Dennerle Plantahunter Gravel River Lrg 8-12mm 5kg
  8. Dennerle Plantahunter Gravel River Small 4-8mm 5kg
  9. Dennerle Scaper's Soil 1-4mm 4L - Black
  10. Dennerle Scaper's Soil 1-4mm 8L - Black
  11. Dennerle Thermo Soil Heater 21V / 100W
  12. Oliver Knott Fine Soil 10L - Black
  13. Oliver Knott Fine Soil 3L - Black
  14. Oliver Knott Naturesoil 10L - Black
  15. Oliver Knott Naturesoil 10L - Brown
  16. Oliver Knott Naturesoil 3L - Black
  17. Oliver Knott Naturesoil 3L - Brown