The top 12 most energy efficient aquatic products!

The top 12 most energy efficient aquatic products!

The cost of living is in the news every day now, and with good reason.

It’s getting increasingly expensive to do all the necessary day-to-day things everyone needs to do.

This is not only affecting every one of your stores, but it is also massively affecting your customers. Meaning that in some extreme cases, they have resorted to turning off parts of their aquatic set-ups completely as they use too much energy!

With this in mind, we wanted to highlight what we feel are the most energy-efficient products on the market today. These would prove to be great alternatives for your customers who want to keep their aquariums running but lower their energy bills.

Look at our list below of the top 12 most energy efficient aquatic products!

Starter Kits:

(Without heaters)

Ciano Aqua 20 – 6.5W

The Ciano Aqua Classics are small, stylish, and durable glass aquariums primarily for first time fish keepers. They are available in two sizes, 13L (35cm long) and 17L (40cm) and come with a filter and protective cover. Dimensions (LxWxH): 400mm x 200mm x 260mm.

Tropical Kits (with heater):

Eheim Aquastar 54 – 61.7W

The Eheim aquastar 54 LED aquarium is the ideal starter kit. It measures 60cm long, holds 54 litres of water, and comes complete with lighting, filter, and a heater. The aquarium is made from high quality transparent glass with a slim, hinged cover and bottom trim to improve the appearance. Available in black or white. This is the perfect size for the first time fishkeeper. It gives you the scope for successfully keeping a wide range of fish, invertebrates, and plants. Dimensions (LxWxH): 600mm x 300mm x 300mm.

Larger aquariums with cabinets:

The entire Eheim Vivaline range – Between 116.6W – 174.5W

With a vivaline, a fish tank becomes a piece of furniture. The modern, stylish, ‘straight-edge’ designed Eheim vivalineLED aquarium sets come complete with matching cabinet, filtration, heating, and lighting. There are twelve models available, featuring three popular colours across four assorted sizes. Whether you choose to have a peaceful tropical or even a lively Goldfish set up, one of these combinations will really look the part anywhere around the home. Dimensions (LxWxH): 600mm x 500mm x 500mm (total with cabinet 610mm x 510mm x 1240mm). Volume 150L.

External Filters:

Up to 300L, the entire Eheim Ecco range – Between 5W – 8W

The Eheim Ecco Pro external filters have so many qualities. They give outstanding filtering performance, have powerful yet energy efficient motors, built to a high standard, easy to use, and inexpensive to buy. Ecco Pro filters are a particularly excellent choice for tropical community and planted aquariums.

Up to 600L, Eheim Professionel 4+ 600 – 16W

The Eheim professionel 5e’s are the most advanced external filters on the market. In fact, they are so advanced, they almost run themselves! These Wi-Fi controlled filters have many features including different operating modes, service indicators and a large filtration capacity. Available in four models, to suit aquariums up to 700 litres, including a thermal filter with an integrated heater.

Up to 1200L, Eheim Professionel 3 1200XL – 25W

The Eheim Professional 3 1200XL is the largest of the Eheim filters that we offer. In fact, it is so big, it has its own wheels and two inlet pipes! It can hold over thirteen litres of filter media and is suitable for aquariums up to 1200 litres!

Betta X-30 – 40W

The Betta Choice X-30 Aquarium Canister Filter is easy and simple to use. It features a high output pump, an easy-to-clean multi-stage canister with large pre-filter and built-in drain valve to assist with maintenance. This quiet and reliable filter has class leading, low energy consumption whilst still providing a high flow rate and good filtration. The water flows into a multi-stage filtration system, passing through the media trays containing mechanical and biological media before being pumped back into the aquarium.

Internal Filters:

Small filter (up to 60L), Eheim Pick Up 60 – 4W

The Eheim Pick-Up filters have been a practical, excellent value, entry-level internal filter since they first became available over 25 years ago. As the name suggests, the filter simply ‘picks up’ dirt and waste and collects it in the filter. Perfect for beginners, they are available for small and large tanks with four models suitable for different volumes of water up to 200 litres.

Eheim Pick Up, Aquaball – All 6W

To maintain the perfect aquarium, with clear water and healthy fish, you are going to require a good filter. Within the range of Eheim Aquaball’s, you have internal filters which are suitable for aquariums up to 180 litres. These filters will provide you will years of excellent, and reliable service. Aquaball’s are a superb choice tropical community and cold-water aquariums.

Large filter (up to 250L), Eheim Biopower 240 – 8W

Eheim biopower’s are advanced internal filters which have some of the benefits of an external canister unit. They have foam along with ceramic filter media which increases the filter’s capabilities. Within the range of Eheim biopower’s, you have three filters which are suitable for aquariums up to 240 litres. These filters will provide you with years of excellent, reliable service and are especially good for planted and peaceful community aquariums.


Eheim’s Thermocontrol, Thermopreset or Thermocontrol e – Between 25W and 400W depending on heater size


The Eheim thermocontrol aquarium heater was formerly known as the Eheim JŽñger aquarium heater. These are extremely efficient, ultra-modern electronic thermal devices for heating your aquarium. There are 9 heaters in the range, which come with many features and are suitable for aquariums from 20 to 1000 litres.Thermopreset

With the Eheim thermopreset heaters, getting your aquarium up to temperature could not be easier. These are ‘pre-set’ to 25€c which is the ideal for the most common aquarium inhabitants. The compact design makes them perfect for small tanks, and the built-in heater guard protects fish such as Pleco’s which like to rest on heaters. Four sizes available, for aquariums from 25 to 400 litres.
Thermocontrol e The Eheim thermocontrol e is the ultimate aquarium heater. These are ultra-modern, electronically controlled, and extremely efficient which makes them more accurate. This means that your fish get the right temperature even more precisely. There are 10 heaters in the range, with models from 25 to 400w which are suitable for aquariums from 20 to 1200 litres.

Air Pumps


NEWA Wind is a range of compact, powerful, and extremely quiet air pumps for indoor aquarium use. They can be used for a wide variety of tasks and are compatible with many filters, air stones and ornaments. Available in 6 models, they deliver high performance and low power consumption, with pumps suitable for aquariums from 5 to 700 litres. Aeration kit included.

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